An Inspiring Writer : Yasmin Mogahed

I came to know her by a piece named The Dream of Life which was really a wonderful one. Then I found another write-ups titled Emptying The Vessel which I liked a lot. After that, I watched her to deliver a speech on Manhood and Womanhood in Islam which was educative, thought-provoking and enchanting. After all these, I found many more thoughtful, amazing writings and still counting. The most interesting part of her writings to me is the philosophical essence of our beliefs which adds a new dimension in the heart of readers. Like other Dayees (preachers) of Islaam, who presents the message of 'Deen' to people, she is a devoted intellect who writes and speaks for ummah. She writes in, which is a wonderful website. She has a website where all her activities are found altogether. Her contribution for Deen is inspiring the Muslim ummah, especially for our Muslimah sisters. 

Biography of Sister Yasmin Mogahed

Yasmin Mogahed, who holds a B.S. in Psychology and a Masters in Journalism and Mass Communications, is an internationally published journalist. 

She is also a writing instructor at Cardinal Stritch University, a staff columnist for the Islam section of InFocus News, and an independent media consultant based in North Carolina. 

She has lectured extensively around the country on Muslim affairs, and her written works, including a book chapter on the portrayal of Islam post-9/11, have appeared in print and online publications worldwide.

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  1. Assalamu alaikum,

    Just a small correction: Serenity airs on WED at 3:30 PST :)

    Yasmin M.

  2. Walaikum assalam wa rahmatullah.

    Thanks a lot sister for visiting my blog! It's beyond my expectation! :)

    I have corrected the time. I don't know how I mistook because I was careful while writing!