Re-charging your battery: How to deal with imaan dips

by Asma Malek, taken from

"Takbeer" – your voice with those of the brothers and sisters around you come together in a resounding "Allahu Akbar!"; there is a surge of energy and you feel so uplifted, your heart is full of love for Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala, and His Messenger (sal Allahu 'alayhi wa sallam). Your pride in Islam is renewed and you just love all your brothers and sisters, you're filled with humility and zeal, you want to take action, pray with the utmost sincerity, and attain Jannah. With a bursting smile and glowing face, you say your salaams and head home. Before getting to sleep you say your adhkar and you're still smiling, thinking of the lugh gardens in Paradise, and the delicious food that will be served to you on silver platt…

A website for the sisters -- I Got It Covered

I just found a nice website for the Muslimah sisters...  This is:
They wrote in their ''mission'' -- I Got it Covered is an online network that personifies women everywhere who willingly respond, with love and dedication, to the command of their Lord in wearing the hijab. Through the stories and voices of these women, IGIC exposes the realities behind covering, correcting stereotypes about hijab and becoming a source of inspiration and support for women who wish to pursue wearing it. Doing so, IGIC hopes to create bridges of education, respect and understanding, ultimately sharing the beauty of Islam with the world.