Sweetest Audios -- Al- Quran Recitation

I have gathered here few sweetest audios I have ever heard in my life. I only know,  these are the sweetest sounds my ears ever heard in my life. I often could not hold my tears listening to these recitations. The audio clips are collected and recited by Sheikh Mishary Al Afasy and Khalid Al Juhaym. Allah Subnahu Wa Ta'ala has blessed him with the sweetest voice...

Khalid Al Juhaym Quran Recitation:
Mishary Al Afasy Quran Recitation:
* * * * * * 

I found amazing collection of Quran Recitations. Many Qari's recitations are accumulated there. I was so enchanted. I am sharing the links here. You can download them all and listen.

Quranic Audio.com
    1. Abdur Rahman as Sudais (I love his tilawat most)
    2. Mishary al Afasy


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