Learning About Namaz (The Prayer)

Here goes few youtube videos about Salah, and all these are by Brother Nouman Ali Khan. MashaAllah nicely said. As a Muslim, this is really important to learn how to be concentrated to Salah which keeps us to be in connection to our Lord, Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala.. At the same time, it is very important to know the meaning of what we recite, why should we keep concentration in Namaz, what are the benefits of it...
May Allah forgive us and bless us.

Manhood and Womanhood In Islam

This is an amazing video. I loved it and really fascinated mashaAllah. Sister Yasmin Mogahed and Brother Yassir Fazaga spoke in here. The topic is-- Manhood and Womanhood In Islam. This is really nice! :-)

Muslim brothers and sisters should watch it and  think about these matters in life... :-)

Youtube Video

    'Exposing Pornography' -- Speech by Sheikh Yassir Fazaga

      The video I  shared is of a Khutbah. Sheikh Yassir Fazaga spoke on an important issue for the Muslim Ummah -- Exposing Pornography. He is an inspiring speaker MashaAllah... and covered this issue really nice. I loved the way he analyzed and stated the problem and how greatly it is affecting our eeman, our ibadah and many spheres of our Muslim Community.

      Who likes to acquire knowledge for duniyah and akhirah, should go through this video.
      Here is the biography of Sheikh Yassir Fazaga.